“Very good software and my institute is very thankful to my class campus team for their seamless support.”

About Institute :

Site of this Vidyodaya Mahavidyalaya is within 50 km radius of Manavar area, with the first mahavidyalaya which is equipped with the latest courses in various fields of modern education computer / management / home science etc. This innovative endeavor of the Vidyodaya Shikshan Samyak to make Vigodaya's dream come true, will be more and more prominent in the continuous development of regional interests.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Chetan sir shared “We were using traditional hard copy methods and used to maintain different files.”

  • “ We had too much dependency on the traditional method of working, where more labour work was required to cope up with the paper records of fee receipts, attendance,certificates etc. More of the labour work required more payments.”
  • “We were also facing problems with seeking specific type of record, as maintaining them and storing the records also required time as well as more space.”
  • “It was also difficult for the staff to coordinate with the auditors as we needed to bring all files manually for the auditor to examine them.”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • “Our most of the work has become a lot easier and the app as well as software is user friendly.”
  • “Labour has been reduced which helped in reducing expenses behind the labour.”
  • “It becomes easy to communicate with the parents as we can inform them easily regarding their child’s college activities.”
  • “We totally depend on MyClassCampus to collect fees, take attendance, create and publish exams and certificate generation.”
  • “We can operate the system from anywhere easily as we do not require to be at a specific place.”