Visitor Management

Gate pass module in our School Management Software gives an approach to successful control and track institute's guest traffic. Your institute can keep track of all the visitors and it helps in preventing the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises.The details of the particular visitor will be helpful if any issue happen to institute or a student. Keep your premises safe and secure with our School Erp.

Student Gatepass and Visitor Management Module

Secure institute gates

Setup gate points, from where visitors can enter the premises.

Rights of this module when assigned to security guards, they can create gate pass promptly for visitor at the institute gates itself.

Design and Create gate pass

Apart from default information required, Admin can add other information they need from visitors, on their gate pass.

Create gate pass in just 3 simple steps.

Option to add picture of a visitor.

Manage visitors

Bifurcate visitor types.

Mark visitor as VIP or Blacklist.

Note in and out timings of visitor.

Check current time visitors who are in campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to create gate pass once, for each visitor. From the second visit, you can just enter his mobile number to retrieve all information.
You can create a new visitor (if not entered into the system already) or find the visitor from visitor’s list. You will be given an option to blacklist him.
Simply select the date range on the dashboard and you’ll get the list of all visitors between those dates.
You can search a particular visitor by his name on the dashboard to get the list of all his visits.