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MyClassCampus - All in one ERP provides a common place for all reports - Student progress, Attendance, Exams, Fees and Dynamic ways.

All combined module reports in one place.

Generate all your requirements in e-Paper with a single click.

Institute Analysis, MIS Repotrs, Modules Report and many more..

Ease of Access

A convenient place for School/Institute owners, Trustees and admin persons to access plenty of reports of the entire system module wise to make their daily tasks much easier and run their institute administration in a convenient way.

Go with the flow, rather than having a headache about what next?? Come use MyClassCampus School ERP and have a peace of mind for days to come. Instead of relying on others to submit reports, why not generate one for yourself with a single click.

Quick Decisions

A fast approach towards work which enables quicker decisions for the management, helps save a lot of time and deliver accurate results swiftly.

Why make someone wait, when you can answer to their concerns using MyClassCampus School ERP software and achieve the best by saving time for both parties involved in the discussion.

Set your goal, assign tasks, set a time limit and avoid decision fatigue.

Enables Institute Growth

Education plays a pivotal role in the development of the individual and the nation as a whole.

Managing your institute activities using MyClassCampus School ERP will save plenty of working hours of the entire staff and administrators. The same hours can be invested in working out various strategies and policies to bring about a change in your institute’s education system.

This will eventually help your institute to grow and create success stories for others.

Identify Problems

The reports which can be easily accessed using MyClassCampus School ERP will bring a change in your working pattern and will ease your daily routine but at the same time it will enable you to identify hurdles and obstacles, which otherwise you would have missed.

Identify such problems and errors, at this moment, which would save your time and money, rather than investing your valuable time at the end of the academic year on the same concerns.

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