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Managing fees effectively and digitally has become a necessity of every educational organisation. Having a mediocre solution can result in a lot of problems at custom settings, reports or management level. Every educational organisation needs a robust and effective fee and finance management system in today’s time.

Having a mediocre solution may result in ineffective operations, loss of time and sometimes financial losses. Quality solution doesn’t only provide convenience but helps improve profitability and financial data accuracy. A school or a college has only one major source of income that’s fees. If management of fees is done effectively then it can provide convenience of efficient operations. There are many cases where ineffective financial management creates a lot of operational issues in an educational organization.

We are delighted to share that when it comes to fees and finance management software for educational institutions, MyClassCampus has become the preferred choice. Today, 1000s of educational institutions are fully relying on the MyClassCampus system to manage their financial data and records effectively.

Fees Management System for Educational Institutes

Fee Categories

A very important aspect in the present day scenario at institutes is managing Fee details of students. This involves work flow from the academic section and the institute administration or finance department.

MyClassCampus Fee Management System provides a solution to manage dynamic number of fee categories in a convenient manner.

On top of that, the platform helps you manage Discounts given to students which can be applied to specific students while making Fee payment. There are detailed options available for bulk discounts etc.

Discount can be in the form of Academic Scholarship, Category discount, Financial Assistance, References, School Staff Kids, Student Reference, etc.

Manage Fee Installments

Nowadays education has become a valuable resource and parents are investing heavily in it to secure their child’s future. So institutes have provided numerous ways for parents to pay fees in installments and we provide a facility for the institute to manage such fee installments in the best possible way.

Not only you can manage your Fee installments, but you can even set a due date and impose a fine if needed for late payments. Parents can also adjust their installments by paying in advance as per their convenience.

This releases parents' burden to pay Total amount together and they can plan their yearly budget.

Institutes can manage the installments which are ideally paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. They can even customize the fee installments as per their need and manage all student fee transactions digitally.

Fee Receipt Setting

Manage your student Fee receipt on a digital platform.

Design your Fee receipt using MyClassCampus ERP software as per the institute format and specifications.

Automatically generate Fee receipt number institute wise, department wise or Trust/Company wise.

Add a customized receipt number in the system generated Fee receipt to match with your book records.

All fee Reports

Easily access data of Fees collected in various categories through various modes of payment and generate diversified reports using MyClassCampus ERP software.

Fee reports of Total amount to be collected, amount paid so far, amount due, amount refunded or amount provided as a discount can be generated.

Easiest way to manage payments made through Cheques and know details about the current or previous status of the Cheque. The various stages of Cheque processing such as Received, Deposited, Cleared, Bounced/Cancelled can be generated as a report for current and previous dates.

Fee reports can help you know the amount of money which is still pending to be collected for your institute and you can channelize your future payments from students in a better way so you do not miss any payment from the parents.

Online Payment Gateway - Tired of managing huge crowds at your premises on Fee payment days ??

Collect fee cashless by integration payment gateway solution in MyClassCampus institute management system. Collecting fee payment digitally has become a common need at every educational organization. It brings an integrated efficient system which makes the entire process and operations extremely effective and saves a lot of time and resources for all the associated stakeholders.

Institute owners will have a peace of mind accessing payment transactions made by parents/students. Keep an eye on MyClassCampus Web and App and also get notified through SMS and App notification for the same.

More convenient mode for parents to make payment sitting at home rather than travelling all the way to the institute. Also convenient at times when parents are travelling elsewhere, so this becomes a convenient mode to process the payment so they do not miss the due date of any installment.

Our payment gateway transactions can be done using Credit/Debit cards, Internet Banking and UPI.

All the major institutes have already experienced one or other way of collecting fees digitally. However, having a robust and effective model with high payment success rates without any issues makes the overall experience wonderful.

Accepting fee payments digitally doesn’t only bring productivity but builds reputation in parents mind about the institute’s concern to give better service and experience to students/parents.

No interest EMI Service

As the need is growing MyClassCampus is committed to partner with more Financial Technology solutions providers to bring other important solutions which makes the life of all the stakeholders ease.

Recently we have partnered with one reputed Financial Technology company to provide No interest EMI option. Under this service, parents can apply for an EMI option. If their credit score matches desired then within 24-48 hours, they will get a credit line to pay for the school fee in advance to the school with an auto debit EMI option without any additional interest charges.

Schools get fee in advance for the full year which becomes very helpful as working capital for running operations effectively.

Feel free to connect us for more information and detailed demo. You can reach us over call / WhatsApp on: +91 80 3524 2362 or mail on support@myclasscampus.com

Note: Payment gateway and Fee EMI services are currently available for Indian customers only.

Note: Fees once paid cannot be refunded.

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Discount Report

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Fees Master Reports

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