Bulk SMS Integration

Connect with users on a single click for seamless communication.

Instant communication
Delivery reports enabled
Publish later functionality
Get In Touch
Reduce Extra Efforts

Reduce the problem of disturbing hard copy of circular to each student.

Superseded Telephonic Conversations

This plugin of communication helps the parent know on a daily basis

Seamless Communication

With a single click, it notifies to a set of groups of users.

Instant Delivery

Send urgent messages with quick delivery.

MyClassCampus Institute Management System - SMS Integration

For every institution, one of the drawbacks is the lack of proper communication. How admins communicate with users, how the management is able to communicate to the faculties, how the institute is able to communicate with parents and students. This plugin of communication keep the parent updated about the whereabouts of their child on a daily basis.

Our institute management system provides SMS software that override telephonic conversations of an institute. This add-on tool of communication helps the parent to know on a daily basis, about their child activities. Parents stay connected and informed all the time through our School ERP and School’s time in calling each parent or sending information through student; is saved.

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  • Message Templates - can be used as per institute convenience message
  • Custom messages - can be made according to necessities.
  • Schedule Message - can be a frame to send automatically without any manual interfere.
  • Announcement: Send an important message to parents. For an example inform the parent about PTM, Annual Function or any other event of school.
  • Absent SMS: With the single one click send absent SMS to the parents.
  • Birthday SMS can be sent to parent wishing their ward birthday and even you can schedule these messages through our school ERP, It will eliminate the manual work.
  • Parents can receive details information of fee transactions like dues & paid.
  • About any scheduled Exam of the student, it can be notified to parents through sent SMS, if necessary.


  • It bridges the gap between the higher authorities and parents by frequent communication
  • It will be the ONE way communication, so no disturbance of any unwanted SMS from parents side.
  • Privacy can be maintained and Branding can be done, as in SMS number won't reflect in sender ID it will be School Name so both the aspect get to cover.
  • Save Time, Energy and reduces administrative work.
  • Easy to refill the SMS balance as and when you need to.
  • Institute get the SMS Log through the system and even can manage unnecessary SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS and institute can be seen from there main dashboard after login to there account.
For English language maximum length for per SMS is 160 and other than English it's 70 characters per SMS.
Yes, you can see the report in message got delivery or not...
Yes, you can schedule the messages.
The recipients receive messages with a title (message sender indication). The title looks like IM-MYCLAS or IG-MYCLAS. This is called as Sender ID.
Yes, it is possible to have a personalized sender ID.
No, as a user I won't be able to reply to your messages.