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Bulk Voice Call Feature

  1. Reduce Extra Efforts - Send voice call to multiple users in a single click.
  2. Better Than SMS - Digital Way of Communicating by a call instead of reading SMS Notifications.
  3. Super Telephonic Notification - Just Record, Select Audience, Voice call received and Get reports for the same.

For every Institution there is a need to have a quick communication for certain stuff with parents as well as students.

However some ways such as SMS or Simple Notifications wouldn't work at some point as now a days there are better interesting options then that to notify.

So here's an alternative way of doing the same, sending a voice call of 15-30 seconds to any of the roles registered in the system to communicate faster.

  1. The Institute would have to purchase the voice call balance from us.
  2. The clients also can choose the permanent number for sending voice calls.
  3. This tool helps parents to know about any Information instantly in a better way.

Important Note: The voice call feature is only available for Domestic Clients(India)