The support is very good, every time I fall, the people out there are always there to help, especially Divya (Support executive in team MyClassCampus), all things are told very nicely, and smoothly. You have a really good team there to help us out when in trouble. It is user-friendly, more digital, school is becoming digitalized because of it.

About Institute :

Shri Datta Vidya Mandir was established in the year of 2000, providing English medium education to the students of Nursery to XII Science, affiliated to CBSE board. It is located at Butibori Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • The problem we were facing before implementing MyClassCampus is that we were handling everything manually on papers that created a lot of hassles if anything went missing.
  • If we needed any data at any point of time, it took a lot of time to search for it and sometimes we may not even find it. It is a lot of work to take care of all the papers and registers of all these years.
  • In terms of work efficiency, it is definitely increased, tasks are taking too much less time to finish than before. Even work accuracy has increased as manually we make mistakes but the software won’t unless and until there is a bug :)

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • I have been using this School Management Software for almost 10 months now, but we’re still on it and we’re practically applying it and still , in the process, we have not yet started using it with the students, but yes it is an approachable software.
  • It is quite handy, we can say very easy to adapt. It is good, and its features are helpful to segregate all the data in one software. 
  • We haven’t used any similar School Management software, it was all done manually before and then stored in a computer, but with the help of your software it is easier to handle everything, all the data is automatically stored and any time we can access everything with just one click, so that is very good.
  • The students seeing the teachers, taking attendance and using computers and also the processes that are getting digital, so it obviously creates a good kind of reputation/respect towards the school.
  • If I'm asked to choose the best module according to me I couldn't choose any 1 because whatever modules we are using everything is quite good, choosing any one particular name or few is quite difficult for me to be very honest with that.