“Parents are really happy for the main thing that is paying fees online, since now they do not have to come to office, stand in long queues for paying the fees and unnecessary delays are not happening in paying the fees which was there before due to unavailability of parents but now they can pay fees online from anywhere, anytime!”

About Institute :

The Lal bahadur Shastri Group of Institutions is founded in the year 1982, which based at the Kursi road, Gaurabagh in the Lucknow city of Uttar pradesh.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • More time consumed to perform the functions which are now taking minutes to get done.

  • More paperwork was there before, now we are completely working paperless!

  • One click solution was not in the dictionary before and now we are getting the required reports by just a single click. 

  • Attendance was taken manually which took time and chances of mistakes were there but online attendance is very accurate.

  • Parents were concerned about their kid’s security which now has been solved due to GPS features in MyClassCampus.

  • Online fee payment wasn’t an option earlier but now it is fastly and securely possible via MyClassCampus.

  • Many other little problems were there which were really time consuming being small, which has now been solved.

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • Before MyClassCampus, two other softwares I was using earlier but that wasn’t online software. After watching the demo of MyClassCampus, I found it is easy to use, great features, and fast. 
  • We have been using this product for almost a year now, I know how the whole software functions.
  • Fees we are using the most. Before this we were not having an sms feature and here we found this feature which is really convenient when it comes to sending SMS to parents regarding anything. 
  • Our work has now become faster and accurate as less mistakes now than before [close to NO MISTAKES :)]
  • Even students are using it, so we can say it is that easy to use. We are thinking of buying an attendance module as well, it is also something which I found very interesting.